This magnificent work  is not an idol, but a reminder that  "this massive stone work draws attention to the central nature of the meaning of Christ in the world" as detailed in the artistic explanation below.

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Artistic Explanation:

The stonework Messiah figure in our sanctuary and on our home page is the product of artist and stone mason, David Schoenrock of Schoenrock South, Inc., builders of our magnificent sanctuary and office complex. Placed together stone by stone, this abstract of the Messiah spreads its arms wide to receive those who desire to worship God in this place. Standing over 26 feet high and 23 feet wide at the extension of the arms, this massive stone work draws attention to the central nature of the meaning of Christ in the world.

Allow your eyes to move down and to the left. There you will see one black horizontal stone. This stone depicts the sins of the world. The Messiah shoulders the sins of the world. It is God's must for the freedom of us all. Allow your eyes also to drift down and to the right. There you will see a diagonal stone. it is not an accident. Rather it is carefully placed to portray the spear mark made in Jesus' side following his death as part of the total crucifixion theme. One more time, let your eyes wander to an upper level. The outstretched arms of the Messiah are extended to the five fingers in each hand. The ministry of the Lord extends from his arms to the very end of his fingers. Perhaps the most hidden of all the abstract expressions are the horizontal stones that intersect with the vertical. Counting carefully you will find 23 horizontal stones, and with their vertical counterpart forming 23 crosses. These crosses represent the Twenty-third Psalm, The Shepherd Psalm, and complete the meaning of the whole Messiah figure.

Notice also that some of the horizontal stones connect to the rock work beyond the Messiah figure itself. These bring connection between the Messiah and his church of living stones. As living stones we are built into the body of Christ. Hence, the stones surrounding the rest of the nave represent the church, interconnected, each of different size and shape, but all linked to each other, all important, and all in connection to the Messiah.  You are welcome to visit us and see this inspiring work of art yourself.